Extracting image file from zip archive into a variable??

James Hale james at thehales.id.au
Thu Jun 28 12:05:09 EDT 2012

I am extracting files from a zip archive directly into variables.
Some of the files may be jpeg image files.
How can I display these image files from the respective variables?

Here is what I have tried.
I created an image object on my card and then tried to get it to display the image that was extracted to the variable.
Putting the variable into the image object doesn't seem to work.
Setting the imagedata of the image object to the variable didn't work.
Setting the text of the image object to the variable didn't work.

Am I wasting my time here in thinking the variable contains data I can use?
Should I be extracting the image file from the archive to a file first and then import it (or URL a bin file of it).

I wanted to avoid having to write a file and then read it in and then delete it, if possible


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