iOS: Native fields and visual effects

John Dixon dixonja at
Thu Jun 28 03:23:31 EDT 2012


Construct the iOS native field on going to a card and delete the iOS native field on closing a card... as the field is an overlay and that is what you are seeing...

> Hi,
> When i go from one card to another card, which contains native fields, with a visual effect,
> i can see the native field already on the "old" card before the new card is shown.
> I go from one card to another with visual effects using this script
> lock screen for visual effect
> go card "whatevername"
> unlock screen with visual effect push right very fast
> If the target card contains ios native field, then one can see this fields already on the "first" card from where i want to go to the target card.
> It seems that native fields are always shown, regardles if the screen is locked or not.
> Does anyone know, how to fix that?
> Regards
> Matthias
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