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Peter Haworth pete at
Wed Jun 27 18:32:05 EDT 2012

Hi Richard,
I think it's a bug too.  I don't think any application should quit
silently, except by specific request.

To compoud matters, the error reporting dialog IS switched on for the
application but it did not appear.  So I'm thinking this warrants a
separate QCC report from your feature request.

I'm guessing that my attempt to set the textfont probably happened against
an object that doesn't have that property somewhere in the 5.5 datagrid
library.  Nevertheless that doesn't excuse the silent quit.

I'm also intrigued that when this happened under Snow Leopard, I did at
least get a Finder error dialog that the application had quit unexpectedly
with an option to report the incident.  Under Lion, nothing; the
application just quit with Finder message.  I guess Apple decided that's
another thing users of their computers shouldn't be concerned with.

lcSQL Software <>

On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 3:13 PM, Richard Gaskin
<ambassador at>wrote:

> Peter Haworth wrote:
>> My debugging showed that the setting of fonts was causing the standalone
>> to
>> abort silently....
> IMNSHO that's a bug.  Errors in execution should be reported by default,
> with the ability to have mystifying failures happening silently only as an
> option.
> But for reasons I don't understand, the inclusion of the Error Reporting
> dialog is turned OFF by default, making it close to impossible to know when
> execution errors happen in standalones.
> This is extra important given that the LiveCode IDE alters the structure
> of your mainstack to include the libraries, backscripts, and other
> components needed to support the things it does include.  This means that
> the boot behavior of most apps will be different in a standalone than in
> the IDE, giving rise to a wide range of potential issues whose causes
> cannot be known.
> I've submitted this as a feature request, but I'm not sure that many
> others appreciate the number of hours that would be saved by LiveCode
> developers if we could know about errors in standalones as soon as they
> happen:
> Include revErrorDisplay by default
> <**show_bug.cgi?id=9629<>
> >
> In the meantime, we need to remember to manually include the Error
> Reporting dialog in the Standalone Builder Settings in order to know why
> things aren't working.
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