data grid error - Error description: Chunk: can't find background

James Hale james at
Wed Jun 27 13:32:28 EDT 2012


I have finally got around to using the DataGrid.

I have an array that I want to display in a datagrid
I have dragged one on to the current card, named it "datagrid1" and set the column names.

as an example:

put "fred" into theRecordsB[1][name]
put "fred file" into theRecordsB[1][filename]
put "a page" into theRecordsB[1][display_page]
put "yes" into theRecordsB[1][current_book]
put "1234" into theRecordsB[1][id]

set the dgData of group "DataGrid1" to theRecordsB

When I run this I get the following error:

Message execution error:
Error description: Chunk: can't find background

What does this mean?
What background?

Apart from setting the column names in the Datagrid object, is there something else I should have done?


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