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Wed Jun 27 03:26:03 EDT 2012

1) Yes, *but* you have no access to headers sent back from a POST.

Much of the functionality you'd be looking for is provided by libURL, 
which is not supported (at least yet) on iOS and Android. (Please, 
/someone/ prove me wrong!)

So, if you're using a cookie-based authentication token as I did, you're 
going to have to work around somehow. iOS and to a greater degree 
Android have limitations on what you can do with the point 
that I wrote some code to sit on top of the iOS socket external and 
perform correct http gets/puts...but then found you can't have externals 
on Android.

2) Theoretically yes, but I've not done it.
3) Theoretically yes, but I've not done it.
4) Not enough question to answer in full.  If the filesystem is mounted 
already, then probably (I've only retrieved files using http). If your 
files are made available with a local http server, then yes.

Trial version: seems to have most functionality (certainly enough to 
test the basics of your app), but you get a splash screen in the 
standalones you produce, and your app only runs for a short period of 
time before timing out.

Download the trial, and play with it.  Perhaps you'll like it.  If you 
run into specific questions, the folks on this list are quite helpful 


On 26/06/2012 20:33, Chip Thomas wrote:
> *Hello,
> We're investigating using LiveCode Mobile for our iOS and Android
> development, and wanted to see if these functions were supported:
> 1) POST a string to an https: server and get a response
> 2) Offer decent performance playing video files from an https server (along
> the lines of desktop LiveCode)
> 3) Ability to download files from a FTP server to the local app directory
> 4) Ability to copy files from a computer on the local network to the local
> app directory, OR, copy files over a USB connection from computer to device
> And what is possible with the free trial of Livecode Mobile - can we run in
> the simulator? Can we test on a device with the trial version?
> Thanks!*
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