Gradients (was "Re: Table field")

Peter Haworth pete at
Tue Jun 26 16:08:19 EDT 2012

Thanks Scott.  As usual, a very useful learning tool.

Here's what I can't figure out though.  Your stack fades in the colors from
top to bottom. How can I get the graphic to contain two separate colors,
one that fills the top half of the graphic and another that fills in the
bottom half, with no fading just a clean horizontal break between them.

Maybe gradients are not the way to do this, although Bern'ds table stack
uses them for the graphic involved in coloring alternate lines - I just
can't figure out all the values for the different gradient array keys.

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On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 10:31 AM, Scott Rossi <scott at>wrote:

> Hi Peter:
> Execute the following in your LiveCode message box:
> go url
> ""
> Regards,
> Scott Rossi
> Creative Director
> Tactile Media, UX Design
> Recently, Peter Haworth wrote:
> > I'm glad this came up because it's an opportunity for me to learn
> > yet another area of Livecode - gradients - for which there is precious
> > little published information.
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