Standalone won't run

Peter Haworth pete at
Tue Jun 26 15:38:59 EDT 2012

I finally tracked this down by using good old fashioned answer dialogs as
suggested by Ken.

In addition to being the first build I had done under Lion, it was also the
first build I had done with 5.5 and it seems that the problem was related
to 5.5.

At startup, I have a handler that goes through my stacks and sets fonts
according to platform.  There were no changes in that handler between the
stack version I used to make the problematic build and the prior stack
version which built fine under 5.0.

What I had omitted to to take into accoun was that the substacks
property can included some rev stacks in the standalone, for example "ask
dialog", "answer dialog", and most significantly in my case
"revDatagridLibrary". There are no doubt other stacks that can end up in a
standalone depending on which libraries it uses

My debugging showed that the setting of fonts was causing the standalone to
abort silently when processing the revDatagridLibrary stack.  This did not
happen when the application was built using 5.0, only when built with 5.5
so some change in the datagrid library brought this issue to light..

I changed my code to exclude the rev stacks that are copied into the
standalone from the font setting handler and the standalone now runs fine.

I still don't understand why setting the font of an object would cause a
silent abort, seems like there should be an error message of some sort.

I am also questioning whether I really need to set fonts like this.  It
feels like setting the font of the main stack would cause any other
substacks and controls to inherit the main stack's font, except for
controls that have a font explicitly defined.  Is that correct?

lcSQL Software <>

On Sun, Jun 24, 2012 at 11:04 PM, Ken Corey <ken at> wrote:

> Does your code get a chance to run at all?  If so, you can put alerts in
> to announce how far the app gets before it's crashing.
> on preOpenStack
>  answer "preOpenStack"
>  [...regular code...]
> end preOpenStack
> on openStack
>  answer "openStack"
>  [...regular...]
> end openStack
> and so on.  If LiveCode is running at all before crashing, you get a
> chance to find the bug.
> I'm finding with my stacks is that the preOpenCard and openCard handlers
> get run much less in the IDE during development.  I'd start by taking a
> hard look at those.
> Richard, I don't think it's the executable bit, as the problem seems to be
> on both platforms, and the computers both are *trying* to run the
> standalone.  That wouldn't happen if the executable bit weren't set.
> -Ken
> On 25/06/2012 02:24, Peter Haworth wrote:
>> Update to this.  I created the standalone on my Windows computer and
>> neither the Mac nor the versionswill run so looks like there's a problem
>> with my stack file.  It runs OK in the IDE though.
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