Standalone won't run

Ken Corey ken at
Mon Jun 25 02:04:22 EDT 2012

Does your code get a chance to run at all?  If so, you can put alerts in 
to announce how far the app gets before it's crashing.

on preOpenStack
   answer "preOpenStack"
   [...regular code...]
end preOpenStack

on openStack
   answer "openStack"
end openStack

and so on.  If LiveCode is running at all before crashing, you get a 
chance to find the bug.

I'm finding with my stacks is that the preOpenCard and openCard handlers 
get run much less in the IDE during development.  I'd start by taking a 
hard look at those.

Richard, I don't think it's the executable bit, as the problem seems to 
be on both platforms, and the computers both are *trying* to run the 
standalone.  That wouldn't happen if the executable bit weren't set.


On 25/06/2012 02:24, Peter Haworth wrote:
> Update to this.  I created the standalone on my Windows computer and
> neither the Mac nor the versionswill run so looks like there's a problem
> with my stack file.  It runs OK in the IDE though.

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