Copy/Paste in LC & iOS.

Rick Harrison harrison at
Sun Jun 24 14:11:00 EDT 2012

Hi again Guglielmo,

Here is an example stack I was trying to work with:

Make the field focusable and unlock the text so it can
be selected and changed.  (So I'm trying to use a list
of scrolling text that bounces and can be edited.)

Then try to do the standard iOS copy/paste by holding the selection.

If you can get that example to work that way I'll be as happy
as a clam.

Thanks in advance!


On Jun 24, 2012, at 1:09 PM, Guglielmo Braguglia wrote:

> Hi Rick,
> but ... what you try to do ?
> Because ... when I say that work fine, I means that, if the user touch and maintain the finger on a "native" field, the standard iOS black popup appear asking to "select/select all" or to "cut/copy", NOT that you can use the clipboard functions of Livecode ...
> Do you need just to have the iOS functionality or ... you need to control these functionality from LiveCode ?
> Guglielmo

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