Is there a serious garbage collection problem

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Don't forget about locking the screen or the recents.

I made a "lockall" handler in, oh, about 1988. Use it all the time.

You have to be careful, though, since sometimes you expect messages to pass transparently. By transparent, I mean in ones brain. Don't get caught the other way around.

Craig Newman

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> There might be some scripts running after you delete a card. To prevent this, 
lock messages before deleting the card:
> lock messages
> delete card
> unlock messages
> This will probably faster than whatever you're doing now.

Uh, wow.


>From 5.699 seconds to .011 . . .

Thank you.  My nerves are better already . . .

Hmm, maybe this can speed the build, too . . .

time to learn about locking messages . . .

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