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Hi Ken,

I agree with you about RevOnline being a priority.

Surly, if they haven't the time for that, they haven't the time to promote LC in education.

If that should ever happen, I believe TG would have to  be integral to LC, if it is to be taken seriously. Libraries do not provide the visibility needed.


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> Lovely analysis, and most accessible...
>'ve provided great examples of turtle graphics in your stack.
> Why should Mr. Miller and crew implement turtle graphics when it's quite 
> possible for an enterprising teacher such as yourself to provide a 
> library that does the same thing? (At least for the people you teach.)
> Now, there'd be extra points for the RunRev team if they pushed a little 
> harder on instructions for how to make a library to put into RevOnline, 
> so future students could learn from it.
> And I understand that there's trouble with RevOnline and uploading for 
> them to work on too.
> I'd rather they spent the time it would take to make native turtle 
> graphics and spent it fixing RevOnline, and making sure we can all share.
> -Ken

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