Can't install the webplugin in my main account

Dr. Hawkins dochawk at
Sat Jun 23 14:00:42 EDT 2012

On Sat, Jun 23, 2012 at 10:44 AM, Mark Schonewille
<m.schonewille at> wrote:
> If you want to create a website that looks like a website and works like a
>website and works as an executable on the server, which can store files on that
> server and write data to e.g. a MySQL database, then you need a license
>for RevServer.

I have the license (I have the "Complete" package), but I sure can't
find the docs.

How much code can I share?  The cards in my stack gather data field,
process it, stuff it in a database as they go along, and generate
60-90 pages, which is then turned to pdf.

Ideally, I want to use the same code for both.

> If you want to run a stack, also called RevLet, inside a browser window, the same
> way it runs on your desktop machine, which can store files and that machine,
>then you need to use the RevWeb plugin.

Which won't install in my main account :(

I'm not worried about local storage when using the browser; I want it
to be remote.

> RevServer runs without a GUI, but you can create a GUI by a script that
>generates the HTML necessary to display that GUI in a browser.

But can this "automatically" happen as I continue developing the
desktop version?

>A RevLet runs with a GUI that was created in the LiveCode IDE.

A piece I understand!  :)

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