Can't install the webplugin in my main account

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Jun 23 13:56:50 EDT 2012

Dr. Hawkins wrote:

> Wait a minute--are the webplugin and the server package distinct things, then?
> What I'm trying to achieve is the program executing & storing data on a server.
> Am I looking at the wrong parts?

I think so.

The RevWeb plugin is a nifty thing in the browsers that support 32-bit 
plugins, but like any client-side media the stacks it displays are a 
copy of what's on the server, and once copied have no direct connection 
with anything on the server after that.

You can program the server side with a CGI to accept requests for 
storing data, and for that you can use LiveCode Server.

Given the limitations that a growing number of browsers have with 32-bit 
plugins, you may want to consider either native HTML and JavaScript for 
the client side, or a native LiveCode-based standalone.

Standalones make it dirt-simple to download stacks using web protocols:

    go stack ""

If the stacks are large you may want to indicate download progress; see 
the libUrlSetStatusCallback command in the LiveCode Dictionary on how to 
handle that easily.

With standalones that download stacks in this way you're effectively 
making a custom browser, with all the benefits of a browser plugin but 
in a user interface in which you control every aspect of the design (no 
more worrying about what to do when the user clicks the Back button).

As with the browser plugin, the stacks your users interact with can be 
hosted on any web server, so they always get the latest version of your 
stacks automatically each time they launch your app.

Some organizations may require a zero-install browser-native delivery, 
and for that neither a standalone or a browser plugin will suffice, 
since both require a one-time install.  For such requirements the only 
scripting language supported natively in browsers is JavaScript, but 
fortunately it's not that hard to learn and there are plenty of great 
resources for that.

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