Stack Version Comparison Tool

Peter Haworth pete at
Fri Jun 22 21:43:26 EDT 2012

I've been working on a tool to compare two versions of a stack file and
display the differences and plan to make it  available as shareware.  I'm
interested in some ideas about what it could do.

So far, the workflow is:

- Define an Application (just a name)
- Define a version of an application (app name, version string, path to
stack file)
- Specify an app version and have the tool load info about it
- Repeat previous step for other app versions
- Request comparison of two versions of the same Application

The compare tool allows selection of differences of objects, scripts, and
properties.  In each case you can request things in V1 that are not in V2,
things that are in V2 that are not in V1, or things that are in both
versions but different in each one.  For properties, you can further select
either built-in or custom properties, or both.

For scripts, I'm just listing the objects whose scripts qualify.  When a
scipt is present in both versions, I plan to allow selection of an object's
script, display both versions of it , and also hand them off to a diff run
to list the differences.  I know I can make that work on OS X, not sure how
to do it on Windows or Linux.

For datagrids, I ignore all controls (but record the dgProps of the
datagrid) but record the the objects, scripts, and properties of the
datagrid's row template.

It handles password protected stacks by givingh you thr choice of ignoring
them or prompting for the password.

If you have any ideas about other things I could implement, please let me
know.  I have a feeling it would be possible to recreate a stack file but I
also have a feeling that would be opening up a huge can of worms so not
planning on going down that road just yet!

I'll be looking for a few folks to do some beta testing on it for me soon.

lcSQL Software <>

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