ANN: PreOrder FieldTrip (Features)

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Thu Jun 21 15:13:53 EDT 2012

> I am theoretically interested, but I feel underinformed to actually do a buy decision. Can you show some more screenshots, or maybe talk a bit more about features of the GUI, how they're done, and what that might be expected but probably missing in 1.0?

Howdy Björnke,

Thanks for the question! FieldTrip is a rich text editor that is 
basically a word processor field, revealing the LiveCode text styling 
features with a nice toolbar.

Of course it has all the B I U simple styling, paragraph alignment and 
so on, and it will have a tab bar for tabs and margins, and list support.

Working on mobile is a major focus, we've got it running on our tablets 
and it also allows the end user to resize and move the field easily on 
mobile, if that's relevant to your app and you enable that feature. 
We're planning flexible options for skinning.

What features exactly will be in 1.0 and what will be still to do depend 
entirely on this preorder drive, so that's as far as I'm going at the 

We greatly appreciate the preorders and I am committed to giving our 
precustomers something truly special, such as prior access a month 
before anyone else, or extra features; still to be determined, but 
definitely they will have perks!

Those who order above the base level will also be able to specify the 
features important to them, and I will commit a corresponding amount of 
time to those features.

So, I encourage you to order during this phase and be one of our 
extra-cool special customers! :)

To reserve your copy of FieldTrip, click here:


Thank you.

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy
(Author of WordLib, WordReport, SpreadLib, etc. ...)

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