Linux: answer file always shows hidden files?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Jun 21 13:50:59 EDT 2012

Mark Wieder wrote:

 > put the files into tFiles
 > filter tFiles without ".*"
 > then put tFiles into a custom Answer File dialog

That allows me to alter the results of the dialog, but doesn't affect 
the non-standard appearance of the files within it.

My goal is to have a UI consistent with others on Ubuntu, and most of 
them do not show hidden files unless you specifically select an option 
to do that.

 > I don't think this qualifies as a bug. It doesn't seem that any
 > application should rely on the preferences of a different application.

Actually, it seems to be somewhat common on Ubuntu, and possibly other 
Debian-based systems.  There's a subsystem designed specifically for 
that, gconf on older systems and later replaced with dconf, so that apps 
can interoperate.

But whether the LiveCode call to the "answer file" dialog uses dconf 
isn't as important to me as that it simply exhibit behavior that more 
closely matches the de facto conventions on that platform.

Ideally it could provide a flag for us to determine whether we want to 
give the user access to hidden files, so we can use it for more normal 
productivity apps and also for apps that may modify config files.

Warren Samples wrote:

 > Hidden files are not shown here openSUSE, Livecode 5.5.1.
 > ...I have my file manager, Dolphin in KDE, set to show hidden
 > files but they do not appear in the file selector dialog
 > displayed by "answer file".

Very helpful.  Looks like it's specific to Ubuntu, or perhaps to all 
Debian-based distros, or maybe to Gnome, but at least we can distinguish 
openSUSE and/or KDE.

Before I file a feature request for this it would be helpful to get 
input from others:

If any of you are using Linux it would be helpful to know which distro 
and version, which desktop environment, and whether using the "answer 
file" command shows hidden files in its listing.

Thanks -

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