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Thu Jun 21 11:25:31 EDT 2012

Alex Tweedly wrote:

> On 20/06/2012 15:49, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> On-Rev is still in business as a shared hosting alternative with
>> RevServer preinstalled, and RevServer itself is kinda nifty and also
>> remains available, currently at v5.0.1 (understandable that it's not
>> using 5.5 since most of the additions are for the field object and
>> mobile, neither of which is particularly useful on a server).
> But it's a pain having RevServer stuck in an older version, because the
> stack format changed. If you have library stacks that you use in both
> desktop apps and revServer (and of course that's one of the advantages
> of Livecode), then you need to remember which version of LiveCode to use
> when editing them. In theory you can just always remember to "Save As
> ..." and change the format - but I know from experience how easy it is
> to forget that :-)

True, dat.  Being a lazy person I updated the Save button in my devo 
palette so that it now looks for a stack property called 
"ufwStackFileVersion", and if present uses that value to set the 
stackFileVersion global property to save the stack, restoring the 
default when it's done.

There aren't many stacks I work on which need to go backwards, but at 
least using this allows me to set it once and forget about it, a bit of 
extra work but less so than trying to remember to use "Save As...".

FWIW the latest version of the 4wDevolution tool palette is available in 
the Stack section of RevNet, but be forewarned: it was originally 
designed for use within the MetaCard IDE, and when using it with 
LiveCode it's not fully functional and may at times throw an error when 
it expects to find MC-specific stacks.  When I get some spare time 
(yeah, right, that'll happen soon) I'll update it for full LiveCode 
compatibility, but in the meantime at least some of it is useful now. 
Well, at least Andre seems to like it. :)

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