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> Andre-
> Wednesday, June 20, 2012, 5:57:26 AM, you wrote:
> > calls and one for calls that send password. Given time, I think I may be
> > able to build a alternative uploader.
> The issue isn't whether you or any other third party can come up with
> an alternative... it looks bad for the official company-sponsored way
> to share content and show off what can be done with their flagship
> product to be broken for over six months, and no response from them
> about fixing things or even acknowledging a problem.
Oh Mark,

I completely agree with you and I too have my own bag of corporate insane
bugs here. I know we should have them working on it but if I could provide
an alternative uploader for the interval between today and they fixing
things, I think it would be good.

There is something that we need that is beyond "revonline updater". We need
a community patch system where we could patch the broken parts of the IDE.
In the webOS world there is something called Preware, its like an
alternative app store but it serves you with more than apps, it has patches
and enhancements. Since all the system is written in Javascript, they can
provide these small patches that fix important stuff while HP is busy
killing the company that Bill and Dave started. Preware is a beautiful
system and even though I have both an iPhone and an Nexus S, my OLD Palm
Pre2 is my favorite phone, not thanks to HP but to the fine folks at
webOS-Internals that came up with Preware.

Now LiveCode IDE is basically LiveCode. There are a lot of things broken in
the IDE, a lot of room for enhancements and a lot of customizations that
some people would really enjoy but we can't do all this stuff because we
can't share it. If I change my version of the script editor template and
you change yours, there is no way for us to share our works except if we
merge it by hand. But instead of suffering from paralysis by analysis, we
can use the best solution which is positioning some clever frontScripts to
trap and replace broken stuff.

If you think about it the most atomic thing on LiveCode is the handler. If
you place a frontscript you can intercept built-in IDE stuff and replace it
with better stuff. I don't mean completely replacing the IDE because that
would be recreating GLX2 and tREV but solving small issues such as why the
hell my script editor keeps opening in the ghost second monitor, it should
check the resolution before opening in a monitor that is no longer

As you said, we as a community lack traction and opportunity to reach the
users but if we just had a little patch system in place we could start
fixing things and then things would get traction.

(or we could all go to Metacard IDE and just use RevNet and forget the
little bugs of LC IDE and RevOnline)

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