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Mark Wieder mwieder at
Wed Jun 20 14:54:27 CDT 2012


You are, I think, missing the point. The issue is more about
announcing a new initiative, getting users started down that path, and
then abandoning things.

When was the last time the broken on-rev client got updated? I can't
imagine anyone on the team taking the time to revisit this. Nor do I
think I'd want them to - I'd rather see it open-sourced to free up the
team's resources for other things, but the current situation is a bit

Do you really expect to see a linux build of the revBrowser? That
carrot's been dangling in front of us for years. What about the linux
build of the web plugin?

Speaking of web plugins, my web build of the PowerDebug walkthrough,
which I thought was a great way to demonstrate its functionality,
broke with the last build of the plugin. I can deploy locally and it
runs fine, but not when I upload it to on-rev ("streaming problem").
At this point I don't really care if that gets fixed, but again it's
been years since an update came out and I haven't seen any sign of
ongoing work. And again, I'd rather see the team spending their time
on other things, but this process of abandoning users is getting

-Mark Wieder
 mwieder at

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