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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Jun 20 11:07:31 EDT 2012

Mark Wieder wrote:
 > it would look really bad for the company to have this added as Yet
 > Another Failed Runrev Initiative.

I'm not clear what you mean, Mark:  would it look bad to provide a 
community-based solution for sharing stack files?

I like to imagine a future in which RunRev considers a semi-open 
workflow, sharing portions of the code and development expense with the 
community in ways that could benefit both.

While the engine is too gnarly a beast to let just anyone work on it, 
the externals might make great candidates for some sort of 
limited-license open source, allowing people like you, Andre, Trevor, 
Monte, and others who have the skills and interest to enhance them.

Similarly, community-oriented tools like RevOnline could conceivably 
become community-driven.  Portions of the IDE as well.

There are many opportunities for RunRev to capitalize on the skills and 
enthusiasm of this community, in ways both they and us would benefit from.

Whether RevNet should regain its once-unique role as the bundled means 
by which devs share stack files is an open question.  When they launched 
RevOnline I stopped working on the Stacks portion of RevNet, and have 
been devoting some of my spare time (what little there is these days), 
to making RevNet valuable in other ways (more on that later).

If nothing else, as an example of how easy it is to deliver stacks over 
the web RevNet is useful.

But it can be much more, so let me reiterate my long-standing invitation 
to anyone and everyone here who may be interested in doing more with it.

I see RevNet as an extension of, a community-based 
effort for sharing resources we find valuable.

What we make of them is what WE make of them.

Both RevNet and are open for participation to anyone 
with an earnest interest in sharing LiveCode resources.

Anyone interested can drop me an email letting me know what you want to 
do and we'll see about setting up whatever it takes to make that happen.

 > (notice that I succeeded in not mentioning web deployment, on-rev,
 > RevMedia, DreamCard, etc by name)

Well, you succeeded up until that parenthetical moment. :)

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