jumping among Mainstack and substacks isn't easy

Bob Sneidar bobs at twft.com
Tue Jun 19 11:31:00 EDT 2012

The debugger is your friend here. Insert a breakpoint and then step through your code to see what your variables *really* contain. If your variable is "Roberte Clemente of stack Kids", then in the words of an old and wise farmer, "You can't get there from here". You are saying that there is a card named "Roberte Clemente of stack Kids" and that card really does not exist. 


On Jun 18, 2012, at 7:05 PM, Mark Rauterkus wrote:

> Hi Again,
> I can't build a script that crafts a temp variable that can be used in
> a "go to card name" script.
> #Fail for me.
> So, I want to go to a different stack. -- check.
> write to a field -- check
> But I can't get to the proper card.
> I put the card name into that vTempC temp handle, complete with
> quotes. When I put the vTempC into the message box it is just as I
> want it to be.
> Saying again.
> I want to go to card "Roberto Clemente" in stack "Kids"
> That works. But, I need a script off of a button to insert the
> "Roberto Clement" part.
> So, this line breaks:
> put "Present on" && the short english date & return after field
> "Attendance" of card x of stack "Kids"
> And the failure message, I've seen for hours now, is:
> executing at 10:02:51 PM
> Type	Chunk: can't find card
> Object	Yo! Present
> Line	put "Present on" && the short english date & return after field
> "Attendance" of card z of stack "Kids"
> Hint	mouseUp
> --
> Ta.
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> Neighborhood Learning Alliance
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