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Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 01:13:28 EDT 2012

"Take pills today, get an increased size tomorrow"

[NOT] = Not Off Topic.

I've never been a great one for taking pills, however it really is time
RunRev and I had "an increased size" on the educational front.

As I am a fairly lazy slob, and would far rather leverage somebody else's
work than reinvent the wheel myself I have started thinking (thanks for
the recent reference) about the mtp.mc stack . . .

1. The vaguely frightening thing about it is the 'copyright 1999' on
the first card of the stack:

1.1. 1999 is going to turn people right off.

1.2. Copyright makes me reluctant to start mucking around with the thing.

2. The cartoons are childish and out-dated.

3. The stack keeps referring to something called 'Metacard' and a
programming language called 'Metatalk'.

4. "increased size"; possibly a rejigged stack should be premised on a 
minimum screen resolution
of 1024 x 768.

Now I am about to take 4 small boys (10-13 years old) for a 6 hour 
'intro to progging
course' using the RR/LC 2.2.1 for Linux Free via Oracle IDE (there being 
no RevMedia
anymore - and never for Linux, and not feeling unduly comfortable about 
installing my
Studio 4.0 across 4 machines), and would like them to work their way 
through the mtp.mc stack.

Obviously the thing needs to be rejigged; although all the stuff it 
contains is valuable
and as relevant now as it was 13 years ago.

Of course I can muck about with the mtp.mc stack to my heart's content, 
and as long as it stays on
my machines nobody is going to get all hot and sweaty about copyright 
issues and modifications
as nobody is going to know beyond 4 small Bulgarian boys who wouldn't 
understand those
issues if their lives depended on it.

However . . . if I am to put in 6-7 hours "tarting up" the mtp.mc stack, 
it would be nice if it could
then become readily available for anybody who wants it . . .

So, if any of the mages could tell me if I am going to fall foul of any 
laws, rules and so on . . .

ascribing authorship . . .

copyright . . .


I would be most grateful.


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