strange scroll on iOS

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Are you setting the native scroller vertical scroll position when a letter
is selected using a iphoneControlSet "MyScroller" , "vScroll" ,
scroll_position ??? If so you are my be seeing an anomaly that I have
submitted to the livecode team. Create a handler called foo with the
iphoneControlSet "MyScroller" , "vScroll" , scroll_position in it. Then do a
"send foo to me in .75 seconds" and see if it works then.

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I've created a field to display a long list. I can scroll with a native
scrolller on iOS ( iphoneControlCreate ...) no problem, it's work.
Because the list is very long (>2000 lines) i've create an alphabetic list
to go directly at one letter.  It's work also.

But for example : in the main field, i scroll to the first lines  which
starts by a "B", then i use the alphabetic field to go directly to the lines
starting with a "P", the main field scroll to these lines, but when i want
to scroll again in the main field, i restart instantaneity to lines "B".

What i miss ?

Thanks !
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