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Mon Jun 18 14:42:42 EDT 2012

On 6/18/12 1:09 PM, Richmond wrote:

> Tried this and had NO JOY:
> on mouseUp
>    put the id of the focusedObject into fOB
> repeat until control id fOB is a field
>    put (fOB + 1) into fOB
> end repeat
>    focus on fld id fOB
> on mouseUp
> the 'repeat' line "threw a bluey" (is: bad validation type)
> replaced 'is' with '=' . . . same old sh*t.
> What am I missing? "
> and am still waiting for a reply that might allow me to lever my
> original solution.

The problem is that the syntax you're using isn't supported. The "is a 
field" syntax only checks for existence. It can't be used to identify if 
a control is of a particular type.

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