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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon Jun 18 13:18:06 EDT 2012

Bob Sneidar wrote:

 > I am not weighing in one way or the other on this conversation, but
 > I had to make the point: When did "Democratic" become a synonym for
 > "fair"?

It isn't.  The words have very different origins and meanings.

And though I recognize that the majority of civilization's history has 
favored rule by royal fiat rather than democratic voting, the relatively 
recent invention of democracy is often viewed as preferable.

Either way, your replacing "democratic" with "expediency" here arrives 
at the same result:

 > I would can both words and instead approach this from the perspective
 > of expediency. It would be expedient for the person who controls the
 > Nabble list to make the change.

By defining "expediency" as the number of people needed to perform an 
action to achieve a given outcome, your proposal is equivalent to the OP 
simply adding a filter to his own list, since in both cases the number 
of people required to make a change to satisfy the OP is exactly one.


The OP has requested we let this issue go, and I'm rather in favor of 
that myself.  This will be my last post in this thread (my previous one 
would have been my last but I couldn't resist the opportunity to use the 
word "fiat" <g>).

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