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BNig niggemann at
Mon Jun 18 07:33:22 EDT 2012

Hi Bill,

Bill Vlahos wrote
> Several folks have asked me how I got the native field object in
> lcTaskList to do those table tricks without using ListMagic or the Data
> Grid.
> I recently discovered Bernd Niggeman's "OldTableFieldDragDividers" stack
> in RevOnLine (he uploaded it in 2010 but even though it has been
> downloaded over 300 times I missed it) which teaches the regular table
> field object lots of new tricks just with scripting. I didn't think it was
> possible but his scripts are very clever and easy to understand.

thank you for the kind words.

Unfortunately RunRev changed the way to calculate the offset of the vertical
dividers from the left of the field. You filed a bug #10223, Rev may change
this or may not.
I tried to update the stack on RevOnline but RevOnline did not like me ...

If anyone wants to make this work for versions < 5.5 and >= 5.5 add this to
the script
  -- fix for the changed tab location in LiveCode 5.5
   put the version into tVersion
   replace "." with "" in tVersion
   if char 1 to 2 of tVersion >= 55 then
      add (item 1 of the margins of me -3) to tLeft
   end if
   -- end fix for changed tab location
Kind regards

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