AW: AW: ANN: GLX2 3.05

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Jun 15 11:30:09 EDT 2012

Andre Garzia wrote:

> This usually happens once one of two things happens:
> 1 - you have a compromissed FTP account. Maybe one collaborator lost your
> FTP account or an infected machine is harvesting them from your HD (more
> common on windows). Something caused the FTP account to be compromissed,

LiveCode's libURL currently handles only non-secure FTP, so any use of 
its FTP features means sending your password over the wire in plain text.

Given the usefulness of FTP for so many applications and the dangers of 
having to use only the older non-secure form, at the risk of sounding 
like a broken record here's the link to the RQCC request for secure FTP:


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