(OT) From my Yahoo Spam box

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 01:57:47 EDT 2012

Sorry; no square brackets on my Keyneeds keyboards at school.


I just received a lovely message in my Yahoo Spam box which I feel I 
have to share as it says a lot
about the way I feel about RunRev Livecode (although a little voice 
tells me the posters might have
been writing about some else).

It is sent from somebody called "Free sample enlargement", which strikes 
me as an odd name,
bet, Hey, all sorts of people have odd names.

The title is "Experience new levels of pleasure".

And I do, every day, every time I crack open Livecode:

I truly believe that Livecode is a source of constant pleasure, and one, 
rather like the best
things in life, never, ever boring, and constantly revealing new facets 
of itself to the user.

Certainly I have a feeling that I never work with Livecode beyond 15 
minutes before I discover
something new about it.

I took a look at Toolbook 11 the other day and experienced a shrinking
feeling (Aah, gottit; that's why the sender of this message calls 
him/her/itself 'enlargement' -
sorry, a bit of a slow learner here). One of the most depressing things 
about Toolbook 11 was a
widget to convert back-and-forth between it and PowerPoint - that really 
begs the question.

So; the lesson of this message is:

Enjoy your Spam box, but not too much . . .  LOL

And, enjoy your Livecode, buckets!

Have a lovely day, Richmond.

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