holidng another variable name within a variable

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Way back In HC days, Danny Goodman wrote the only tract on this subject, that two levels of evaluation are sometimes required to manipulate data. One example was in certain instances of putting text into a recently executed function, like "the foundChunk". You could not just:

put myText into the foundChunk.

You had to:

do "put" && myText" && "into" && the foundChunk --or somesuch

The instances where this is needed were learned by experience, frustration and luck.

Same with embedded text, a variable within a variable, so to speak. You must evaluate twice, as you did by longhand, or use a "do" construction for brevity.

I have always wanted a more definitive expose on this subject. Danny's comment was "...(the first evaluation) is not reduced enough for Hypercard to accept it as a valid container". (HCHB, 4th edition).

Craig Newman

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> Here's an example:
> put "some text" into myVar
> put "myVar" into myVarName
> do "put" && myVarName && "into myLastVar"
> put myLastVar --> some text


And then I tried value() a second time, and it did it.

I'd forgotten all about "do" . . .


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