Upgrade to Lion on 15 inch laptop pro forces resize of stacks

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 21:02:01 EDT 2012


I see your QCC report is unconfirmed. What you need is people here to do a
quick test - sorry I am not at home to test this on my wife's Lion Mac.

Anyone with Lion simply needs to type in the msg box: put the working

They should get something back like: 0,22,1920,1196

They then need to type into the msg box: put the screenrect

They should get something back like: 0,22,1920,1200

All you need is a comparison of the last number. For pre Lion there is only
a 4 pixel difference.

You are seeing a 70 pixel difference, and that is what is causing your

If other people here test it and they get a 70 pixel difference then the
bug can be confirmed.

If other people don't get it, then you need to discover if desktop users
don't whilst laptop users do, or particular laptops are effected, or is it
because you are plugged into an external monitor.

As for what will happen with retina displays, the answer is simple; if you
have a stack that filled the 9" screen of a Mac 512, it will be no bigger
than 2.3" wide on a retina display.


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