Seeking a navigation system among 200 individual / card DB for attendance at camp

dunbarx at dunbarx at
Wed Jun 13 20:33:17 EDT 2012

You do not have to sort the cards, and you do not have to go anywhere until you actually find your target. This is generally good practice.

Make an editable field. Set a custom property of that field (yourList) to all the names you want to find. Can you write a script to do this? Write back if you need help.

Make another field named "results". Put this into the editable field.


on keyDown var
   put the yourList of me into temp
   put var after me
   filter temp with "*" & me & "*"
   put temp into fld "results"
end keyDown

When you type into the field, the successive matches from the master list are winnowed, with the ever more refined matches loaded into fld "results". Play with this, it needs more functionality.

Craig Newman

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