Seeking a navigation system among 200 individual / card DB for attendance at camp

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I agree that popups with 200 menuItems are far too ungainly.

Is it too old fashioned to type a name into a field? There are cute tricks one may do with that, such as winnow the potential matches as one types, those possibles appearing in a list field of more reasonable length, where you can leave the typing and click on the correct entry when it appears.

This is a very nice execise. Write back if you choose to go that way. I use something like this all the time. Instantaneous feedback in the listField.

There are a million other ways to do it...

Craig Newman

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Subject: Seeking a navigation system among 200 individual / card DB for attendance at camp

Hi LC Pros and the Rest of the world more experienced than me:

I am searching for a "navigation system" for my >200 card camp
attendance project. Pointers welcome.

I'll have 150 to 200 cards in a database of people (camper kids in
summer school, volunteers, staff). Each card has its card name set to
the person's name. Contact info, attendance, performance notes on the
main card in a main stack for each person.

One day I'd love to store the data elsewhere and have it run on iPhone
and Android, but first things first.

I'm wondering how to set up a navigation system for finding an
individual -- but also taking class role calls.

Popup buttons might get too crowded with too many names.

Should I do individual dynamic palettes on their own card(s) in sub-stacks?



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