LC and ImageMagick from OSX

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Mon Jun 11 07:13:15 EDT 2012

Hi Bryan,

As far as I know, IM works with LC the same way it worked with Revolution 4.5 and earlier, but I'm not sure that it is still supported.

You might be able to write the result of a shell command to stdout, but there have always been problems with LiveCode, shell and stdout. It is probably much easier to read the file created by the shell command.

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On 10 jun 2012, at 17:43, Bryan McCormick wrote:

> I am curious about using ImageMagick on OSX with LC. I want to be able to envoke IM and do simple stuff like a text dump of RGB values.
> On windows this seems to work with Shell. But I am having a difficult time on OSX.
> Also, presuming I get it to work b4 someone gets back to me, how do I get results back from the shell? For example calling convert someImage.png someImage.txt in the shell gets an RGB dump written to a file. Is there any way to have that text come back to LC? Or is it best just to read from the file created by the command and not worry about data exchange?
> Thanks

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