Crashing documentation on Linux #2

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Sun Jun 10 14:50:47 EDT 2012

Further to my ongoing problems with the documentation stacks of RR/LC 
3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 crashing
the IDE something really odd has emerged:

At home I currently have 3 machines running Ubuntu variants, let me be 
original and call them:

Machine 1: Xubuntu 12.04 installed from a Xubuntu install disk.

Machine 2: Ubuntu Studio 12.04 (runs XFCE 4.8) installed from an Ubuntu 
Studio install disk.

Machine 3: Xubuntu 12.04 installed over a Lubuntu install disk, with 
XFCE 4.10  as add-on.

All 3 of these machines (all with different hardware specifications) 
have crashing RR/LC IDEs as
previously documented.

At work I have 1 software production machine running Ubuntu 12.04 
installed via a series
of upgrades via internet from Ubuntu 10.04.

On that machine the Documentation does NOT crash the IDE.

Presumably there are a vast number of variables involved, as each 
install is also set up with all sorts of
different libraries, apps and so forth . . . And I, for one, am not 
going to sit up for 3 weeks trying to isolate a culprit(s).

I had a crashing IDE on a ZevenOS and a SnowLinux distro I was fooling 
about with a few months ago.

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