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Sun Jun 10 14:33:46 EDT 2012

Peter Haworth wrote:
> I've renamed the global in the utility stack to something that's hopefully
> obscure enough that it won''t clash with other stacks' globals.

I'm a big fan of Getting-It-Done-And-Moving-On solutions, and that works.

It would be nice if we could declare namespaces, and perhaps in the 
future we will, but for now adopting habits with naming things can pay 
off nicely with the setup we currently have.

I've become fond of using some identifying prefix for globals in 
addition to the "g", so I know where they're defined and used.

For example, I'm currently updating a library for server data store 
management called libDChunk (the storage scheme is called "Document 
Chunkadelic" - long story), so the globals it uses are prefixed with 
"gdc", e.g., "gdcUserInfoA".

Now that I think of it, it may be worth mentioning that trailing capital 
"A" - I got that idea from Sarah Reichelt, who uses it to distinguish 

If you're really into this sort of curmudgeonly obsessive naming stuff, 
this article is full of it:


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