Crashing documentation on Linux

Warren Samples warren at
Wed Jun 6 15:54:41 EDT 2012

On 06/06/2012 02:36 PM, Richmond wrote:
> At the risk of being boring I am reposting part of a message that I
> posted under a different heading:
> An on-going problem is that the RR/LC Dictionary crashes the IDE on
> Linux (3.5, 4.0, 4.5 at least),
> and, at last, I have found a suitably mental workaround for this problem
> . . . .
> Build Metacard using Jacque's 2.0.1 Metacard builder from RevOnline.
> Open your new Metacard, export the Dictionary with a suitable new title
> into the plugins folder of your RR/LC.
> Remember to add the suffix .rev at the end.
> And, "Bob's your Uncle", you have a dictionary in the plugins folder
> that won't crash your RR/LC IDE every time you try to refer to it.
> Richmond Mathewson

That's a very inventive fix, and I'm glad you found a way to address the 
problem. For the benefit of anyone who may see this and be deterred from 
considering Livecode under Linux, I don't have this issue running 4.5.3 
and higher on my system running Linux. (4.5.3 is the earliest version of 
Livecode I have installed currently.)



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