Converting a Stack to many formats starting from XML

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Tue Jun 5 15:16:16 EDT 2012

On 06/05/2012 09:59 PM, Mark Wieder wrote:
> Alejandro Tejada <capellan2000 at ...> writes:
>> You are correct. This means that no one has written such exporters.
> Well, not quite. I've done conversions to and from VB and html and javascript
> and whatever when I've had to. It's not a very rewarding experience and it's not
> really scalable or transportable to other conversion formats, though.

When I was doing my Masters degree at the "University" of Abertay about 
8-9 years ago
they were teaching us VB 5 (or was it 6 ?), and, frankly, it seemed 
pretty punk compared with

So I thought I would convert all the VB exercises into RunRev; after the 
first attempt I gave up,

[an incredibly long-winded exercise]

and rewrote each one directly in RunRev - in most cases more elegantly. 
Funnily enough, I found that by recreating
everything in RunRev it allowed me reflect on what was rather better 
about RunRev as opposed to Visual Basic
(apart from the fact that VB is confined to Windows), and learnt more by 
doing those recreations by far than
what I was supposedly learning from the crappy course and the crappy 

Sadly, the media I had those stacks on got hosed a long time ago.

The only real reason I could see for that sort of exporter/converter was 
is the original code was
vast, and to rewrite the whole thing would take considerably longer than 
writing the exporter/converter.

Probably time for a CASE and SDLC study at this point . . .

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