DATAGRID: slow scrolling even in the IDE

Ken Corey ken at
Tue Jun 5 04:36:08 EDT 2012

On 05/06/2012 00:07, Matthias Rebbe wrote:
> ah that make sense. I will try to implement a switch in the
> FillinData Handler of the row behavior of the Datagrid. Maybe that
> solves it.
> Thanks for the hint. I was not aware, that the data is reloaded each
> time it is shown. But sounds reasonable.

Perhaps you should be a little more aggressive with your icons.

To start with, point *all* images at a single holding pattern that is 
shipped with your app.

Then, in the code that displays a cell in the datagrid, do a 
asynchronous request to download that file, and replace the holding 
image with the downloaded one.

Once it's downloaded, it's local, and can be referenced quickly.

With LC it's much fewer lines of code than you'd think, and sounds 
*terribly* impressive when trying to charm the ladies:

"Why, yes, I /have/ built a speedy, caching, asynchronous DataGrid. 
Perhaps you'd like to come up to my place and see the code?"


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