DATAGRID: slow scrolling even in the IDE

Matthias Rebbe matthias_livecode_150811 at
Mon Jun 4 17:52:51 EDT 2012


for an iOS app i need the possibility to show several records, each with one image  and 4 text fields.

I am now experimenting in the ide to find out how to do that.
I thought a datagrid form might be the right solution for that.

The following happens in the ide. I did not try under iOS, but it i am sure it´s the same.
My row template contains 3 fields and one image (fixed size 60x60).
The image (each about 15bk) is fetched from  a web server.   So i set the filename of the image to the  "http:.." url.
When i scroll the records the scrolling stops several times, although all images seemed to be loaded.
When i use local files then the scrolling is smooth. 
Is there something i can do?



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