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Mon Jun 4 16:13:29 EDT 2012

Hi Richard,

Our main reason for not wanting to use Google Play is that the vast 
majority of our customers will find our app through our site, which is 
well known in our sector. We'd be giving away 30% of a $10 app for 
little return.

On 6/4/2012 10:12 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Richard Miller wrote:
>> The question I have (not owning an Android device myself), is if we post
>> an apk at our web site, will the average Android owner be able to
>> install it?
> Not by default.  As with the Amazon app store and other non-Google 
> outlets, the user will have to turn on the checkbox in 
> Settings->Applications to let them install apps from third-party sites.
> While some find it enjoyable to perpetuate the meme that Android is a 
> haven for malware, once you read past the headlines you'll find that 
> actual infections are very small relative to their majority audience, 
> and more importantly most infections have come from downloads outside 
> of Google Play.
> Obviously this hasn't been a problem for Amazon, but with all due 
> respect I'm guessing your web site isn't as popular as, and 
> therefore less trusted.
> The savviest users will think twice before downloading an app from 
> your site, and some of those who would download it may not know how to 
> unlock their device to allow it to install.
> Why not just put it in Google Play?
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