The Screen Density Conundrum

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My tough too ;)

Le 31 juil. 2012 à 18:12, Bob Sneidar a écrit :

> I have to think that the devs at RR have been mulling over how to address this for the future. The problem will only get worse. It doesn't make sense for them to leave this in the hands of the end developers to deal with. 
> I think that a coordinate system that is independent of density or resolution is necessary, which is a huge undertaking for RR. They will have to work in some means of choosing the coordinate system our app is based on, on a per app basis.
> What we really need is a coordinate system based on physical size. For example, I should be making my card size something like 3" x 5" or 8.5" x 11", and the engine should be responsible for determining how many pixels rounded up that is on the current display. 
> What I fear is that you guys are going to put a ton of work into something, and then RR is going to solve the whole issue in some manner that makes what you did obsolete. Is there any way to contact RR and get some guidance about whether or not they are working on solving this issue before you go any further? 
> Bob
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