"standaloneSaved" request for clarification.

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 04:38:44 EDT 2012


"After a stack has been saved as a standalone application it is reopened.
This message is then sent to the mainstack to allow custom build 

What is reopened?

1.    the original stack [at which point, if standalones have been 
hived-off it is
        difficult to see how this could affect the standalone]?

2.    part of the standalone [this is also a bit funny, as in the case 
of Mac standalones
        the application bundle contains all sorts of components]?

"custom build automation"

What does this mean?

3.   if the standalone has already been built this seems to be meaningless.

The description in the Documentation is all rather unsatisfactory.


In an ideal world [Ho,Ho,Ho!] standaloneSaved would allow programmers to
'twiddle about with' how a standalone is generated prior to the 
standalone build process.


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