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Sat Jul 28 18:00:06 EDT 2012

OK, Monte, I get it now. I wasn't thinking that way, but it makes sense. If I know my desktop application is not on a "normal non-Retina" display then scaling = 1.0 (or whatever the equivalent is). On a Retina display it's something higher/denser, and on Peter's new 60" LG TV maybe it's something < 1.0. That works for me.

Let me just throw this out there... There is development happening that is not what I think of as "mobile" or "desktop". I just completed 4 kiosk applications for a museum in Chetumal, Mexico. Two were for pretty typical 720p resolution touch screens, but two others were deployed on 60" 1080p touch screens in PORTRAIT mode. This made development somewhat awkward, but not impossible, on my 17" MBPro. This Resolution Independent Control library (RICL?) would have made it a lot easier.

My point is that a library like this is likely to have other uses we have not yet considered. 

And I suppose that also lends weight to Richard's point about how valuable it would be to have it as a native part of the engine.

- Charles

On 2012-07-28, at 3:49 PM, Monte Goulding <monte at> wrote:

> For layout to play nicely with scaling it will need to place controls relative to each other and window boundaries and not include any reference to physical pixels without multiplying by a scaling factor. So if you want a field to have 3 px padding from the edge of the card you need to use 3 * scale. So I think unfortunately the layout lib would need to be dependent on the scaling lib. It could just be a single global variable though.
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> On 29/07/2012, at 5:23 AM, Thomas McGrath III <mcgrath3 at> wrote:
>> I agree and would go as far as saying that these must remain separate libraries.They should play well together.

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