special prize, all my money to the winner!

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Fri Jul 27 07:08:02 EDT 2012

Hi Colin,

Am 26.07.2012 um 20:49 schrieb Colin Holgate <coiin at verizon.net>:

> I decided to give out a special prize, of all of my money, to the first person to buy my book (which is now available). But, don't get too excited, aside from it not being that much money, I went ahead and artificially boosted sales by buying the book for myself!
> So, I'll write a check to me.
> It isn't yet in the Kindle or iBooks stores, so I bought it with the 20% discount from Packt, and downloaded the Epub and PDF formats. I'm trying different techniques to get it onto my iPad. I tried to drag the Epub version into the documents for Kindle in iTunes. That didn't seem to show up, so I did the same for the Stanza app. That worked!
> Going to show my colleagues now…

I had some days off and obviously missed your announcement.
Could someone please provide a URL to the book/store?




Klaus Major
klaus at major.on-rev.com

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