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FlexibleLearning wrote:

> For those who have gone before those who have gone before...
> What sort of files does Apple allow to be downloaded? 'text' only files?
> Defined by type of file (video, pdf etc)? Is there such a list?
> I think I have established that 'executable' files will be rejected (i.e.
> stack files) which is a real pain because I have a desktop app that would
> ideally launch stack files from a home page index of modules. If this is the
> case, what about a 'definition text file' that the app use to create the
> stack on demand?

There has been much confusion on this list over the file formats Apple 
may or may not be requiring.

Some have suggested that for the Mac app store developers are no longer 
allowed to define their own formats, now required to read and write 
their prefs data exclusively through Apple's APIs.

How far this goes, or whether any of these suggestions are actually the 
case, remains to be confirmed by Apple.

Personally, I would find it hard to believe that Apple would impose such 
Draconian limitations without the developer community in a bigger uproar 
than they were over the iOS SDK 4.0 terms.  And reading several Mac news 
sites daily, I'm not seeing that.

My understanding is that if you download a file that contains scripts, 
such as a stack file, it would be clearly verboten.   But if you use a 
stack file as a container of data, such as with custom props, it would 
logically be no different from any other binary file format and should 
be allowed.

If anyone has any truly definitive word from Apple on this to the 
contrary I would be grateful for the URL.

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