For crying out loud: messages on create card.

Dr. Hawkins dochawk at
Sun Jul 22 22:05:38 EDT 2012

Ivelong figured ther was a bottleneck, especially after learning about
locking messages while deleting cards.

But for crying out loud . . .

Single stepping,and getting frustrated with the debugger.  Step ore a
"create card," and the debugger leaps about five lines.  Step into,and face
both empty close and open handlers.

20 years ago, on an SE/30' I was happy that the machine, using supercard
1.5,could process about one item of data per second.

Now, I was getting about a page per second, with as many as six items a
page.  30 second for output isn't impressive these days.

Hmm, time a create card.  .73 seconds.   ???

Lock messages, crate card, unlock message.

.081 seconds.


Thwo thirds of a seconding messages to create an empty card???

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