acceleratedrendering = true and ink = NOOP don't cooperate :-/

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Sun Jul 22 00:06:16 EDT 2012

Hi Jacque,

Thanks for the scoop. That's good to know… To be honest, since they are still listed under the blend options, I didn't think about them being discontinued.

As I mentioned, "clear" still turns the image black (like I want) in my original app … I didn't notice the problem until I added the acceleratedRendering… and then, the problem only showed itself in the simulator and device… not in the IDE.

So, I explored the two other INK options… Structural Blends and Imaging Blends.

Two of the Structural Blends turn the image black… like I want… "blendXor" and "blendDstOut" 
But, the structural blends do *not* work when acceleratedRendering is set to true.

The Imaging Blends do work with accelerated rendering set to true… 
But, none of them will turn the image black… or dark gray… these blends are influenced by the background color.

Is it to be expected that acceleratedRendering will disable the Structural Blends? Or, is that a bug?

be well,
On Jul 21, 2012, at 10:12 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> On 7/21/12 5:37 PM, Randy Hengst wrote:
>> I've set the INK on the draggable images to "clear" when the image is
>> first shown to the user… with accelerated rendering set to false, the
>> image is black…. with accelerated rendering set to true, the image
>> seems to be stuck in its original color...
>> In other words, if I change the INK state to clear while accelerated
>> rendering is true, nothing happens… but, the image changes when I set
>> accelerated rendering to false…
> This, along with Klaus' NOOP problem, is probably because the old inks were deprecated as of LiveCode version 5.0. They are now unsupported and may or may not work. The "ink" entry in the dictionary lists the supported alternatives.
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