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Hi chipp

Thanks for the video. This looks like a really helpful tool and I'm keen to get my hands on it.

Do you have any ideas for handling landscape and tablet views? For tablets I think in most cases you would want a different stack so using a main stack with most of the code and a handheld and tablet substack would work. For landscape we need to be able to reposition the same controls, hide some, show some etc. So it's more like a profile. In some cases just resizing will work. But it would be nice to have a when in landscape move here or hide/show or something option.

Also screen density on android is a headache because a high density phone could be higher res than a low density tablet. What are your thoughts on dealing with that?


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mergExt - There's an external for that!

On 21/07/2012, at 9:56 PM, Chipp Walters <chipp at> wrote:

> Monte,
> I agree with you. We all know by now that Apple discourages using faux
> Apple-like controls UNLESS they are pixel perfect and strictly follow the
> Apple UI guidelines. But, they readily accept different interfaces as long
> as they are well done. Plus, being able to code one GUI and have it run on
> all favors of iOS and Android seems to be a wonderful approach. Check out
> my latest resizing library (using part of Ken's stsResizeLib).
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