Why killing Media was killing an investment in the future

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It's not just that many people who develop for mobile have already
settled on their tools, e.g. Java, Objective-C or in some cases the
Lua based platforms. Which means for pure ease of use they prefer to
stay where they are even if overall they may save time/money by
switching to RR. While you can use the code once argument with LC that
is not always enough as some are reluctant to use a tool they have not
heard much about. This is also in part related to the lack of books
problem highlighted elsewhere.

There are also many other technical arguments which may or may not be
disputed such as "High level languages drain the battery more quickly"
- one which I heard recently.

We chose LC because of the nature of our team which is a mix of CS and
non-CS people and the ability to rapidly prototype GUI's on all
platforms. If you have a team with a large mix of people then using a
higher-level almost self documenting programming language has a number
of advantages. However, these advantages may not apply to those who
have grown up on Java or C++ and do not really want to learn anything



On 21 July 2012 12:01, Pierre Sahores <sc at sahores-conseil.com> wrote:
> Probably a true worldwide diagnostic, especially applicable in France too...
> Le 19 juil. 2012 à 22:07, Bob Sneidar a écrit :
>> It's my personal opinion that we ought to be making a much bigger effort to improve education across the board, and no, more money does not accomplish that goal. California has one of the highest per capita budgets for education, and yet one of the worst records. If spending more money fixed things, California would be a glowing model of socialist success!
>> If we teach our children how to analyze problems and formulate solutions, we will be in a much better place to teach them all things. Our kids need not only job skills, but a sound work ethic, and our policies are what teach them exactly the opposite.
>> I think the current system is broken in California, and in most states, and standing in the way are public unions who are in bed with the politicians, so we cannot get rid of the incompetent administrators and policy makers. Ever. Until we get rid of the public unions. Nothing is going to change until the incompetent are replaced with the competent.
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