How to fix LC's icons in Ubuntu Launcher

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Jul 19 17:37:37 EDT 2012

When running LC in Ubuntu, clicking the LC icon in the launcher results 
in a new generic icon for each window it opens, while the icon I clicked 
doesn't show in its "opened" state.

I suspect this is either due to something in the .desktop file, or 
something in the way the windows identify themselves to the OS.

If it's solvable with the .desktop file, I'd like to fix it for them.
If it's something in the engine, I'd like to find the API they need to 
use to provide a nicer experience.

I've been busy with work on other platforms and haven't spent too much 
time looking into this yet, but if any of you have a clue as to why the 
icons are wonky in Ubuntu I'd much appreciate the tip so we can improve 
the experience on the world's third most popular desktop OS.


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